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Planning a wedding?
Interested in family portraits, boudoir, maternity, newborn, or pet photos?
Would you like a photo class?
Whatever the reason, I'd love to hear from you!
As I do travel quite a bit for photography shoots,
please be patient, sometimes phone and internet access can be limited.
Looking forward to chatting with you :). 

Email, or call Summer at 434-826-8459.


WOW!!! You are the absolute best!!!! Thank you so much for everything! Everything looks great!
-Sadie and Blake

Summer, you should know that I recommend you to every bride I meet. Seriously even if I don't really know that person but I know they are getting married I recommend you. Besides being a great photographer, you get to know the couple so you can take pictures based on their style. You absolutely took pictures that George and I will cherish for our lifetime. Every person that has seen the pictures says you did an absolutely great job and I couldn't have gotten a better photographer. They are caught every moment perfectly and I love every picture you took. Cant wait to see you again!
Oh and another thing...when I was screaming your name every 5 seconds at the end of the night, you were my magic trick haha. I thought it was a magic trick because if I called you you would show up within like 5 seconds flat. Like I said a million times, you are awesome!
-Brittany and George

Summer was the photographer we selected for my youngest daughter's wedding in October of 2006. Summer was so easy to work with and did above and beyond our wildest expectations capturing this very important day in our lives! Summer has a very laid back style which is a great asset when dealing with such a stressful event as a wedding day when so many emotions and pressures are running high. When I sent out the web-link to the wedding pictures, I had so many people e-mail me back asking how I found Summer and that they were the best wedding pictures they had ever seen. Even today when I show my "parents wedding album" I get the same comments over and over again regarding how great the pictures are and how Summer did a wonderful job of capturing the day in a storybook manner. By the end of the wedding, we felt like we had a new family member and friend. Summer was way more than a hired photographer to us! I am happy to recommend her without hesitation!!!
- Amanda's mom Debbie

My husband Dave and I began our search for a wedding photographer already knowing that we preferred more of a photojournalistic approach; capturing our day and guests “in the moment.” What we received in return is beyond anything we could have imagined.Our day was captured perfectly and you can easily see the happy tears, hear the laughter, and feel the support from all of our guests in our wedding photos. Sadly, my husband and I have only one set of grandparents with us. Having been married for over 60 years, they are such an inspiration to us as a new couple! We love to hear their stories from past times after the war and their immigration to America. They have taught us to never go to bed angry and to flirt with each other, even into our 90’s as they still do!
In addition to the beautiful memories Summer captured of us on our wedding day, she was also able to capture the flirtation, happiness and love of the couple we aspire to be! This, to us, is priceless.
-Suzie and Dave

I just wanted to tell you how amazing the album is. I feel like I am reliving that day again. Everyone that has seen it was so amazed, because they have never seen anything like it in their life. I can not thank you enough for what you have done for us. You did a wonderful job, and it WILL be the day that I will never forget because of the work that you did. Now, when we will get pregnant in the near future I will be calling you again for pregnancy pictures and then once the baby is born more pics. So you have not gotten rid of us yet. hehehe :) We truely want to thank you again for all the hard work and awesome job that you guys did.
- Nicole and Joey

Summer - they're awesome!!! Thank you so much! You did such a great job! You really captured everything I wanted and more:).
Thank you again so much!
-Casey and Aaron

Summer, I just looked at the photos, and I can honestly say I'm completely speechless. They were FANTASTIC!!! You managed to get everything and everyone and the pictures are amazing. I cannot wait to get the DVD ... I'm going to have music put on the DVD and then circulate them to our bridal party . Once again thank you so much, you did an extraordinary job, you have provided us with very memorable pictures and we are so appreciative of you and your assistant's hard work. I hope all is well and THANKS SO MUCH!!!
-Sherita and Toma

Summer- These photos are AMAZING! I can't believe how great they all look!!!! We especially liked the ones by the railroad tracks. Also, let me know what we can do to recommend you. We were thrilled by the work you did. Should we write a letter or email? What would be the most help? Thanks!
-Meghan and Zach

Summer - THEY ARE AWESOME!! You did such a great many pictures do I choose for the albums? I LOVE all of the cool lighting pictures!! We loved working with you too, and we will certainly recommend you to anyone who asks us!! Thanks so much!
-Emily and Davey

THANK YOU so much! The photos are gorgeous. I have been passing on the password all evening and have heard really great feedback. We have so many favorites :). They are all so fabulous it's going to be hard to pick a favorite!
Thanks again.
-Megan and Mike

So I finally finished looking at the pictures late last night. I must have flipped through all of them at least 5 times by now!! They are beautiful!! You did such a good job caputing every special moment.I sent an e-mail out to my family and friends last night at like 10pm letting them know the picutures are up, and my inbox is now full!!! Everyone LOVES the pictures. I think you might get a few references outta me!!! Thanks Summer!
-Elizabeth and Marshall

I am so, so in love with all of the pictures!!
-Erin and Jerrod

Perfection!! Thank you so much for taking the time to capture all of the special memories of that day! I am beyond excited about how the photos turned out. Please know you can use us as a reference any time. Your work is fabulous. THANK YOU!!!

Awesome!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much! Everyone who has seen them so far has said I made the right choice in photographers! I could not agree more.
Honestly they are all amazing. I looked at them 4 times yesterday while I was at work (and I shall again today while I am working) and they all brought me so much joy and happiness. You do such wonderful work and I hope you continue to grow in this business if it is your wish. You have an awesome eye for beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for your patience with me and the beautiful photographic story of my wedding. God Bless You!
-Niki and Michael

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